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Our History

In 2009, there was a small coffee shop located at the intersection of Farmington Avenue and LaSalle Road. One could even say it was the center of The Center.


Named after the owner's favorite 1959 Chevrolet Impala, 59er's was a cute, not so big, but comfortable coffee house to sit in for hours and enjoy coffee. It was truly an icon in West Hartford Center. Before 59er's was another espresso bar known as Peter B's.

59er's initially served UConn Dairy Bar's ice cream, which was a very popular hit in the center. At some point, UConn Dairy Bar decided not to sell their ice cream to other retail stores anymore. 59er's went with Ashley's Ice Cream, another solid choice.


After years of being in the business, the owners of 59er's were planning on selling the place.

Our family had never been in the coffee business before, but they saw a major opportunity in joining the West Hartford community.

The family that owned 59er's was kind enough to leave behind their 20+ year old Faema espresso machine (which still serves as the heart of our shop today).

.  .  .  .  .

13+ years later, here we are.

Sofia's has been serving West Hartford's nearly 65,000 residents with amazing La Colombe espresso & coffee, sweet & savory crepes, Shady Glen's ice cream, and plenty of pastries and other goodies since 2010.


We care about our customers and appreciate all the support and friends we've made since we've opened. We've got a lot more memories to make together, and we hope to see soon!

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