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It's never too cold for ice cream...


La Colombe expects to have 98% biodegradable packaging across all coffee products by 2024.

La Colombe has shown a passion for philanthropy though its initiatives, such as their long term support of coffee farmers in Haiti, advocacy for National Parks, and emergency funding for school lunches.

We see their passion, and want to help support them and their efforts to make communities all around the globe stronger.

We are looking forward to becoming more green ourselves. In the near future, Cafe Sofia will be implementing eco friendly products.



We have created relationships with local small businesses such as Shady Glen Ice Cream.

We are always searching for new products to bring in, and small businesses to connect with.


If you enjoy Cafe Sofia but don't want to stop eating certain foods because of dietary restrictions, we're trying our best to help you out. Our macarons are all gluten free! They are all made with almond flour.

We are always looking to expand our products to accomodate certain diets and restrictions.

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