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Cafe Sofia's response to COVID-19 has been proactive. We are following all guidelines from the CDC and local public health authorities. Read below to understand how we're doing our part in all of this.

For the time being, the following has been implemented:

  • Indoor seating is prohibited. All orders must be take-out or delivery via Doordash. You may also order via Doordash and pickup yourself. Customers may come inside and order, one by one.

  • Markings have been made inside to help control distance between people to prevent possible spread of COVID-19. Six (6) feet is required between people in line.

Cafe Sofia is holding strong, and closure is not in the plans. We thank everyone for supporting us - it means everything.

Our community is strong, adaptive, and resilient.

We will overcome this short term way of life.

We will be better prepared.

And we will win.

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